The “Catholic Register” in Western Kansas recently ran the pressrelease “Our Padre:   The Inspiring Life and Stories of Fr.Kilian Dreiling, C.PP.S. WWII Army Chaplain”.  The press releasewas identical, word for word, to the Press Release shown under “Press”on this website.  Many thanks to Agnes Pfannenstiel for submittingthe press release to this paper.  I recently received a book orderand letter from a man who saw the release and sent me theclipping.  He was a pharmacist in the 167th EvacuationHospital in New Guinea and the Philippine campaigns during WWII, andwas very excited to read about Fr. Kilian and the 92nd.  He wasnot aware of any other book that had been written about the EvacuationHospitals during WWII.

Joe Smith

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