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“ If you ask a child of the 21st century, "who is your hero?", one of the last answers you will hear is, "My parish priest!" This is a sad commentary on our culture, but not surprising given the materialistic themes forwarded by our "mainstream media." However, for thousands of us privileged to know Fr. Kilian Dreiling, he was our hero; a man who lived and breathed Jesus' commandment to "Love others as I have loved you." As an Army chaplain in WWII, Fr. Kilian repeatedly braved enemy fire in order to offer comfort to dying soldiers in their final hours. After the war, he heard the confessions of Nazi concentration camp guards at Dachau. Later, he would follow through on promises he had made to dying soldiers by visiting their families and retelling the stories about how their loved one faced death. As an anti-communist lecturer, he helped educate a naive American public to the evils and dangers of this Godless and dehumanizing ideology. Fortunately, Fr. Kilian was also a great storyteller, and he recorded his most memorable and beautiful life experiences on paper. These powerful stories come alive in this inspirational tribute, providing a beacon of hope for us all. ” Thank you for visiting OurPadre.com, the official website of Our Padre by Joe Smith.

I finished your book on Fr. Dreiling and it was excellent. You did a great job integrating his words and reflections with your own. You did a lot of super research. Rare is a book that combines history and faith in such a powerful way. It definitely left me wanting more and gave me renewed respect for what American soldiers have done to safeguard our freedoms!


This was a great book and Amazon helped me get a copy at a great price This is really a great story about life in World War II for a Catholic priest, but it is more than that it is a truly interesting story about life. I heard about the book because my uncle served in the 92nd Evac Hospital Unit so I was interested in this, but I really enjoyed the story. I was so happy that a search on Amazon allowed me to access the book at a great price. I was very satisfied