I owe my vocation to Fr. Kilian. I visited him at St. Joseph College in 1949. I was 23, and myself a veteran of WWII. He said, “Tom, give it a try. You can quit anytime for the next 8 years. Otherwise, when you are 78 (my age now) you will say, “I wonder if I should have been a priest?” Give it a try. And so I did. I entered the C.PP.S. on August l, 1949; ordained a priest on June 1, l958. I have been a happy priest; and I thank Fr. Kilian almost everyday. Fr. Gay Drieling is my classmate.I have just loved reading the book, “Our Padre”. Maybe I will hear from some othrs who have enjoyed the book.Please keep in touch.Fr. Tom Beischel

Author : Fr. Thomas Beischel,cpps


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